A Dancer, an Acrobat & Pokémon Walk into a Bar...

This Summer, a satellite swallowed Dragon, the cat nipped our Zombie Pellets and my Kickstarter project…

Pokémon No

Pokémon No

Pokémon No: A few weeks ago, one of my outdoor bronze sculptures unceremoniously popped up—without attribution or permission—in the new smartphone gaming phenomenon, Pokémon Go. Flattering isn’t quite the right word to describe this experience, especially since players have been tramping uninvited through my collector’s property to “capture” cartoon monsters. An errant baseball knocked through a window would be preferable to the harassment the game has inflicted. The name of my sculpture is Dragon; if only I could animate it to fight back!!

My portrait of NYC dancer/choreographer  Robin Cantrell

My portrait of NYC dancer/choreographer Robin Cantrell

Cantrell (14”, steel wire) is a new portrait of the powerful & inspiring NYC dancer/choreographer Robin Cantrell. The first in a small series I have been working on for about a year, it will be enlarged to 8/9 feet high. Ms. Cantrell choreographs and performs with her own company, Indelible Dance (upcoming performances: Sept. 8-10.) and is a member of the globe trotting Battery Dance too. Click the link above and join me in the audience!

Thank you Again to everyone who participated in my summer Kickstarter campaign. Together, we pledged an impressive $16,880 to realize Acrobat in 700 lbs of bronze. Unfortunately, we fell short of the $25,000 target, so according to Kickstarter's rules (ack!), none of your generous pledges can be collected. Remember, you can still visit the Gift Shop here in the Zoo to participate in this cool public art project, or make a direct donation by clicking on any of the Sculpturezoo donate buttons. Projected installation in Tribeca's Finn Park is this winter. As always, feel free to drop in to The Chelsea Treehouse, or come visit StudioDave in the Catskills!