Tumble into the   A rt Gallery    today & help   ACROBAT   handspring to life in Tribeca's Finn Park!

Tumble into the Art Gallery today & help ACROBAT handspring to life in Tribeca's Finn Park!


My 300lb bronze Acrobat is preparing for a yearlong handstand in Manhattan through NYC Parks' Art in the Parks (2018) program. This is an exciting opportunity for me to share my work with the world at the scale (monumental!) at which it's meant to be seen. But it comes with a formidable challenge: the exhibition in Finn Park must be privately funded. Sculpturezoo is an online art gallery of original sculpture and jewelry curated exclusively to fund this cool public art project. Your contribution will provide critical support for the completion and installation of my new sculpture and give you a ringside seat to Acrobat's New York debut. Participate today by tapping one of the conspicuous red rectangles above. How close are we to completion? Very! Read Zoostories for the latest updates & invitations to special events. Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the Zoo!

The Acrobat Project

a public art fundraising challenge from NYC sculptor Dave Stevenson