Fundraising Update + NEW Commission

The Acrobat Project has raised over $17,000 in fundraising pledges. That leaves just about $10,000 more before I can green light an 8 foot bronze Acrobat. We're almost there!

Here are a couple photos of a commission in progress (the 3D print/prototype of one-half of Acrobat) for a 35" tall bronze Acrobat for one of my collectors + a fun writing project and a wire-drawing in development for enlargement:

The honey-combed texture of the plastic 3D print had to be coated entirely with modeling paste and sanded smooth to return the surface to its original (the original prototype that was scanned) finish. I completed that stage last week, coated the surface with primer paint to fill all of the small pinholes, and dropped it off at my mold maker's studio. When the mold is completed, I will fill it with wax (twice) and chase (clean/smooth-out) each half to prepare the sculpture for the gating/ceramic shell phase of casting. Yup, many, many steps involved to get from original idea to finished casting!!