Sculpture BIG & small

Want a bronze sculpture for your front yard but don’t have a front yard? Me too! Small enough to exhibit, literally, right in front of you, my new Acrobat pendant is an ideal way to expand your art collection without the hassle of, well, moving. Handmade right here in Chelsea, Acrobat is a replica of the monumental sculpture I plan to exhibit outdoors in Manhattan this summer. Proceeds from sales of this miniature sculpture will help to offset the formidable price of fabricating its dynamic, eight foot bronze brethren. Support The Acrobat Project by wearing it. When the big one is installed, come to TriBeCa to see the artwork you helped create. Bring a cooler/I’ll provide the lawn chairs.

Available in limited edition series’ of gilt-bronze, sterling silver & 18 karat gold exclusively here at

>It’s Spring: Let’s go to The Zoo! Tap on the glass, feed the bear, jump the fence, we don’t…wait, bear? Run!!!