Okay We're Goin' for It

At the end of December I will begin the bronze casting phase for enlarging Acrobat—to about 8 feet high—for NYC Parks’/Art in The Parks program. Thank you all who helped me tackle a formidable goal through your purchases & donations here on Sculpturezoo.com. I’m still a little shy of the projected budget, but we’re working hard to sew up the remainder via holidays sales & contributions. 

During the last six months I have focussed on new work and completing commissions. Here are some shots taken at the foundry throughout the casting process (pre-patina) of the commissioned 37” high Acrobat, a great warm-up exercise for my next challenge. As always, great fun grinding, filing & sanding alongside my friends at Polich-Tallix Foundry!

What’s new at The Zoo? Ugly Goat! (& more) coming soon.