Closing the fundraising Gap

How close am I to completing Acrobat? Sooooooo close. To meet the final prickly round of fundraising I have decided to make all of my previously NFS original sculptures available. The balance for the mount/install of Acrobat is formidable but not insurmountable if at least some of this treasured collection leaves the studio. Conjure Trap alighting on your desk…Crustacea diving into your living room. Please let me know by the end of this month (June) if you want one of these beloved works: 


Syrinx (steel & resin, 28”h) $6,300 Page one of my professional portfolio, Syrinx spawned a body of work I have been developing for decades. Seminal work, circa 1990. Trap (steel & resin, 35”h) $7,100 Visceral & dynamic, Trap was born on a workbench in the back alley of my first Santa Cruz apartment in the Rio del Mar beach flats during the months before I formally set up shop at the infamous barn overlooking Monterey Bay. The barn with 300 racing pigeons next door? Yup, that one! Crustacea (steel & resin, 24”h) $5,000 Crustacea came to life after I cleaved its progenitor in two with one very hard (and dramatic!) blow, spontaneously commencing an unexpected but gratifying mitosis. The other half became Pegasus. Pegasus (steel & resin) $5,500. I have also added one old friend, Strike & one new friend, Swimfaster to the online art gallery here on Sculpturezoo. Thank you again for your continued support. Cheers from Chelsea, d